My First Blog Post On My New Site

I am a small business owner a photographer. What brought me to photography is the beauty of nature. When I was young I always wanted to know what kind of flowers were and what they are. I always researched what I found. I still do that with the things I photograph.

What I am bringing to you guys on my blog is knowledge of photography. I will be talking about my love of travel and food. I am going to talk about my days in school as well, when school starts.


The Beautiful Alps

The middle lady is my aunt and she is so wonderful. She encourages me to do what I want to do. We travel together. Sorry for the poor quality of the photo because it’s a phone photo. This was taken in the French Alps. I will be sharing more images from this trip on my blog.


Beautiful People

I love the people that come into my life. Especially people who are part of my family. This trip to France and London was so amazing. It was so much fun and I can’t wait to be sharing the images from this trip and stories as well.

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