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Facts About Me

1) Been to Cuba, France, England and America 2) I love the Sound of Music 3) Going to School for Culinary


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4) Love cats 5) I grew up on a farm 6) Favorite TV show The Andy Griffith Show

Mont saint Michel

Last of the Facts

7) Been to the top of the Eiffel Tower 8) Favorite flower is the Trillium 9) I am a Canon photographer 10) I want to go Vegan

I got serious about photography when I was in high school. I started with film and was so excited to see what the outcomes were. Sometimes they were great and some were terrible. I applied to school for photography right after college. That is when I got my first real camera and I just fell in love with photography. As the years gone by I love being outdoors and traveling. I want my photography to have meaning and to tell a story to my audiences.

My slogan is Making Memories Today for Tomorrow. I love to make memories everywhere I go. That is why photography is so important to me. To keep my images for generations to come to enjoy these memories of mine forever.


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